• Introducing MERGE Moments

Introducing MERGE Moments

The SMPS Northeast Regional Conference has a long history of providing attendees with an engaging professional development and networking experience. Now, as the AEC industry prepares for the future, we found ourselves asking – “How can we do more?”

MERGE 2018 brings together innovative thinkers to discuss the transformation of AEC in a new way, rethinking the typical conference experience to provide more opportunities for shared ideation and inspiration. More interaction and collaboration. And more memorable moments for all conference attendees.

Introducing MERGE Moments

MERGE Moments are a new take on the traditional keynote, aimed at creating a shared experience around key issues facing the AEC industry, our firms, the profession of marketing and business development, and each of us as leaders and professionals. Scheduled throughout the conference, our five, hour-long MERGE Moments are organized from macro to micro, bringing conference attendees together to hear from well-known experts while setting the tone for breakout content to follow.

  • INDUSTRY: Kick off the conference with us Wednesday evening at our Industry MERGE Moment, addressing questions like, “What’s shaping the future of our industry? How is the industry evolving in response? How can firms find opportunity and sustained success in the current market?”
  • FIRM: Thursday morning’s Firm MERGE Moment assesses what makes some firms perform better than others, and highlights what we can do to help our firms build high-performance habits that improve profitability, quality of work, and corporate culture.
  • PROFESSION: Thursday afternoon we dig deep into client experience, what it means to AEC, and how it’s driving the next era of marketing in our Profession MERGE Moment.
  • PERSONAL: Wake up Friday morning with a Professional MERGE Moment that asks, “How can changing how you think about burnout help you achieve long-term goals and create sustainable career success?”
  • CLOSING: Friday afternoon, we wrap things up with an interactive MERGE Moment that invites all attendees to share tangible takeaways from MERGE 2018 – leaving you inspired (instead of tired) as you walk out the door!

Over next few weeks, we’ll be introducing each of our MERGE speakers and topics in more detail, so stay tuned!