Marketing’s Ability to Create Value

Changes in the marketing profession suggest a need to focus on purposeful experiences for our clients. At some point in our careers, we’ve all felt undervalued and that we had more to offer, if only… One of the missions of SMPS and NERC is to give marketers the skills, knowledge, relationships, and confidence to step…read more »

Share the Love: 48-hour registration discount!

Have you been procrastinating in registering for this great conference? If so, we have a deal for you! We’re having a Share the Love registration deal from February 14 – 16! The deal includes a $100 discount on registration, and a chance to win a 2-night stay at the Four Seasons Hotel. To get this deal, use…read more »

Weekly Thought Starter: Marketing VS the World … or The Future of Marketing?

It’s historically been the job of a marketer to nurture a strong and consistent brand, develop messaging that attracts desirable clients, and identify opportunities for differentiation and positioning. Over the past few years, more and more firms both in and outside the AEC industry, are looking to their marketers for even more. From collaborating with…read more »

Weekly Thought Starter: What does the firm of the future look like?

We all spend a lot of time thinking about how to make our companies better. From processes to outcomes, great companies strive to find ways to improve and progress. And while we all may not have the same goals, much less the same service offerings or the same business models, there are many things that…read more »