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Why invest in the 2017 SMPS Northeast Regional Conference? Let’s take a look at the math.

By now I think most SMPSers understand the value of attending a regional conference for the networking opportunities, educational sessions, and general camaraderie with other marketers that can feel your pain…..”do you drink the kool-aid?” “yes, of course I drink the kool-aid, it is delicious!” But have you ever taken a moment to do the math and see what a true bargain attending a regional can be? No? Well don’t worry, we sharpened our no. 2 pencils and did the math for you.

By attending the 2017 SMPS Northeast Regional Conference, you can save roughly $280 off the cumulative price of attending these types of events separately. So let’s break it down: in addition to the 5 educational sessions, 2 keynote addresses, and 6….yes that’s right 6 networking opportunities, you’ll also be raising your worth and, by default your career, to new heights as you learn about cutting-edge data, best practices, current benchmarks, and new marketing and business ideas to help differentiate you and your firm.

And in addition, CPSMs can attend 2 additional sessions to increase their CEUs earned to 11!

So for $525 you get all this PLUS you’ll be putting yourself in a prime spot to meet and network with competitors, clients, and partners across the northeast region (Chapters include Northern New England, Boston, Connecticut, Upstate New York, Philadelphia, Central Pennsylvania, Maryland and Washington, DC) to gain important inside baseball knowledge for your firm.

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